Lifesaving South Africa shall hereinafter be referred to in this Constitution as LSA and the

Lifesaving Eastern Cape as “LEC.”


The Club shall be called the Plett Surf Lifesaving Club hereinafter referred to as the Club.


The club shall be affiliated to Lifesaving Eastern Cape affiliated to Lifesaving South Africa.


a) To preserve and safeguard life by the study and practice of the recognised methods of lifesaving on Central Beach and on any beach which may be decided on by the General Committee (as defined in Clause 13. and hereinafter referred to as the Committee or General Committee), and to provide efficient lifesaving appliances and render first aid on these beaches.

b) To promote demonstrations on Central Beach and such other beaches as may be decided upon by the General Committee and to arrange classes in lifesaving and notation.

c) To enforce observance of the rules, by-laws and regulations of the Club and to deal with any infringement of same.

d) To co-operate with the local governing authorities in taking such measures as are considered necessary by the Club to ensure the safety of surf bathers and surf skiers.

e) To organise and conduct Carnivals and other functions for the benefit and assistance of the above objects.


Membership shall be confined to persons as per the minimum age determined by SA Lifesaving from time to time.

a) Applicants for membership must be proposed and nominated in writing by at least the paid-up members of the Club and countersigned by the applicant. The applicant shall fill in and sign the application form. Such application form shall be exhibited on the Club's notice board for 7 (seven) days and, thereafter, dealt with at the next meeting to the General Committee. The Committee may accept or reject the nomination without giving any reason whatsoever for such rejection and shall convey its decision to the applicant.

b) No member of less than 30 (thirty) days standing as a member shall be allowed to vote at any meeting of the Club.

The Club shall consist of the following classes of Members:

A. Full Member/Active – Junior and Senior

B. Social Member

C. Life

D. Honorary

E. Nipper and Nipper Parent

F. Subsidiary Member



It shall be compulsory for a full member to do voluntary Club Duties in the form of Beach Patrols according to the duty Roster issued at the beginning of each season and in accordance with the keeping of a lifesaving club under the auspices of LEC and LSA FULL members shall consist of two classes:-

i) Senior - A senior member (is the age as determined by from time to time).

ii) Junior A junior member (is the age as determined by LSA from time to time). Junior members shall not hold any positions as officers of the Club or on the General Committee, nor shall they be entitled to vote at any Annual General Meeting, of the Club.


Persons interested in lifesaving work and who desire to be associated with the Club may be admitted as Social Members and will not be eligible to vote at any meeting affecting the activities of the Club. Social members are entitled to be office bearers once they have completed two years of club membership and must receive at lease two – thirds of the vote of those present at an AGM


i) Due notice must be given by a member or members of the General Committee that it is his or their intention to nominate a member or members as Life Members. Such nomination shall not be dealt with at a Meeting at which notice of nomination has been given, but shall be dealt with at a following meeting of the Committee. The Committee shall then recommend for or against the resolution being placed before the members at an Annual or General Meeting of the Club. Such resolution or recommendation must be carried by a two-thirds majority of these members present and entitled to vote. Due notice of such meeting shall be given to all members of the Committee.

ii) Honorary Life Membership may be conferred on any member of the Club who has, in the opinion of two-thirds of those present and entitled to vote at any Annual or General Meeting of the Club (of which due notice has been given), rendered exceptional service or displayed exceptional bravery in saving life or in attempting to save life, provided always that the name of the proposed Life Member has first been submitted to and approved by a two-thirds majority of the General Committee.

iii) Life Membership may be granted to any member who has rendered above normal service to the Club, and who has completed 15 years’ service of which 10 years is active membership, and that the period served as a Nipper member is not taken into account, and providing the conditions as outlined in (i) are observed. 


Honorary members are limited to distinguished visitors, visiting members of kindred clubs, or other persons as the General Committee may decide. Honorary Members may be appointed for a season or a part thereof. Honorary Members shall not have a vote at or participate in the proceedings of any meeting affecting the activities of the Club. An Honorary Member shall be elected by a two-thirds majority of the Committee or a General Meeting, and any such appointment shall be revocable by a two-thirds majority at a General Meeting.


A nipper member is (is the age as determined by SA Lifesaving from time to time). Nipper members and activities shall comply with the following requirements:

i) Any Committee or body controlling Nipper activities shall form a Sub-Committee of the General Committee of the Club.

ii) The Nipper Committee shall be represented (Nipper Officer) on the General Committee by a Senior Member appointed by the General Committee.

iii) Parents who are not members of the Club can be members of the Nipper Sub-Committee.

iv) Nippers shall have the use of the Club House facilities as determined by the General Committee from time to time during the summer season and at any other time that a special arrangement has been made for them by a Club Official.

v) Nippers may not use the Club House for the storage of their surfboards unless these surfboards have been specifically designed and provided for Nipper Surf Board races.

vi) Nippers will not be allowed to perform Lifesaving Duties under any circumstances and as such, cannot be considered as substitutes by Junior or Senior Members.

vii) Any fund raising carried out by the Nipper Sub- Committee must have the prior approval of the General Committee.

viii) Any funds collected by the Nipper Sub-Committee will be banked in the same banking account as the Club.

ix) Nippers Parents are those persons admitted to membership, save for Life and Honorary Members, and shall be liable to pay an annual subscription as determined by the General Committee from time to time.

x) Nipper parents shall not be entitled to vote at meetings of the Club.


The Committee may allow other sporting clubs to become subsidiary members of the Club provided it is in the best interest of the Club and its members.


a) Those persons admitted to membership, save for Life and Honorary Members, shall be liable to pay an entrance fee and an annual subscription as determined by the General Committee from time to time. 

b) The subscriptions of each member for the ensuing year shall fall due and be payable on the last day of September in each year.

c) Accounts shall be due and payable upon presentation and shall be in any event be paid within 30 days of presentation.

d) Members in default of Clause 6.3 shall neither be in good standing, nor be entitled to enjoy the facilities of the Club.

e) Members whose accounts are not paid within 90 days after the date on which the debt was incurred may have their names removed from the register of members at the discretion of the General Committee.

f) A member who is not in good standing in terms of this Clause and who normally has the right to vote at meetings shall not be entitled to vote on any matter at any meeting of the Club.

g) A member may renew his membership by payment of the subscription for the new season, but such payment must be made by the date of the Annual General Meeting to entitle him to participate in and vote at such meeting.

h) A member being in arrears in any respect cannot renew his membership until such arrears have been paid.

i) Any member who fails to renew his subscription within one month of the date of the Annual General Meeting shall cease to be a member and if desirous of being readmitted, may be required to submit a nomination form as in the case of a new member. The General Committee shall have the right to determine the conditions or qualifications necessary in connection with such applications.

j) The General Committee may refuse to accept the nomination of a new member without giving a reason. Renewal of membership of a new member may also be refused by the General Committee, but in such case, the individual concerned shall have the right of appeal, in writing, through the Club Secretary.

k) new members may use the changing rooms but no lockers are to be issued until they have been accepted as members.

l) no persons financially indebted to any other affiliated club shall knowingly be admitted to membership


The Management of the Club shall be vested in a body to be known as the "General Committee", the members of which Committee shall consist of:-

i) Chairman

ii) Vice Chairman

iii) Club Captain


v) One Committee Member

vi) Nipper Officer vii) CLUB MANAGER (non voting)

All the above are to be elected at the Annual General Meeting. 3 (Three) members shall constitute a quorum which shall include the Chairman the Vice Chairman and one committee member.

Honorary officers shall consist of the patrons, trustees, solicitor, architect, medical officers, auditors, etc., all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Such honorary officers shall have no voting power. Vacancies may be filled by the Executive Committee.

No member of the club who derives an income out of performing any lifesaving duty, or provides a service to the club for personal financial gain may be appointed as an office bearer of the club.

All officers shall hold office until the Annual General Meeting following their election, or until otherwise ceasing to hold such office for any reason. Vacancies occurring during the year may be filled by the Committee provided the minimum number of Committee members is never less than 3 (three), subject to confirmation by the next General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

Chairman shall always have a casting vote.

Should an officer of the Club absent himself from 3 (three) consecutive meetings of the General Committee without furnishing reasonable cause, his seat shall be declared vacant and the position filled as provided under Clause 15.


The Committee shall have the control and management of the income and expenditure of the Club, its affairs and concerns and officers and servants, and shall have the power to appoint Standing Committees and Special Committees to consider and report upon any questions referred to them.

a) Any vacancy existing on such special committees shall be filled by the General Committee.

b) Any recommendation or resolution made by a special committee, if adopted by the General Committee, shall be recorded as the business of the General Committee. The General Committee shall have the power from time to time to draw up such by-laws and regulations to be finally adopted at a General Meeting of the members. For ensuring the more efficient management of the Club and the conduct and control of the members in regard to Club duties.

c) Such by-laws and regulations shall be binding until altered, amended or revoked by a General Meeting of the Club.

d) Any funds invested by the Club may only be withdrawn subject to a two-thirds majority of a Special or Annual General Meeting.

e) The Club shall be capable of suing or being sued in its own name and of purchasing or otherwise acquiring holding and alienating movable or immovable, or any interest therein. The Club shall be represented by the Committee for all purposes including any legal proceedings by or against the Club.

f) The Chairman to represent the Committee.

The General Committee shall have power in its absolute discretion and in the manner provided in Clause 20 hereinafter to:-

g) Suspend or expel any member provided to its satisfaction, to have been guilty of misconduct on the Club premises or elsewhere, or how, in the opinion of the General Committee, has acted prejudicially to the interest of the Club.

h) Suspend or expel any member who, in its opinion, is unfit to be a member of the Club, and may return any subscription or portion thereof, to any such member, or refuse to receive any subscription without assigning any reason therefore.

i) Suspend any of its officer s members or any officers or members of any committee or sub-committee, who, in its opinion, have been guilty of any neglect of duty, breach of confidence or other misconduct.

j) Suspend or expel any member who shall knowingly introduce any person who has been expelled for, or been refused admission to the Club.

Any member who, in the opinion of the General Committee, has committed any offence by virtue of which action can be taken as provided in the preceding subclause (a), (b), (c) and (d), shall be summoned before the General Committee by at least 7 (seven days’ notice in writing and shall show cause why the General Committee should not exercise any of its foregoing powers. The decision of the General Committee shall be final and an appeal can only be made to the regional association ie LEC

Standing and sub-committees shall be regarded only as appointed to assist the General Committee in carrying out the business of the Club. Such committees shall have not authority to transact any business other than that referred to them by the General Committee.


a) All monies received shall be banked in the name of the Club, and payments made only by cheque or EFT signed by the Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer, or any two of them.

b) The work of the Club may be supported by means of displays, donations and subscriptions; also by social and other gatherings, organised in its aid.

c) The General Committee shall have power to expand the funds of the Club in such a manner as it may think most expedient.

d) The committee shall have the power to grant an honorarium to any person performing a duty for the benefit of the Club.

e) The Committee shall have the power to borrow monies wherever deemed advisable and upon such terms and conditions as may be considered satisfactory by the Committee.

f) The Honorary Treasurer/ CLUB ADMINISTRATOR shall keep a proper set of books and he shall at each Annual General Meeting present an Audited Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet to the Meeting which shall be audited only by the Honorary Auditor appointed for that purpose. The books of the Club shall be closed for audit purposes at the end of July each year. The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep a proper record off all meetings of the Committee of the Club. It is the duty of the Treasurer to bank money and generally to bring all financial matters before the Committee as and when necessary.


It shall be competent for the General Committee to appoint trustees for any property of which the Club may become possessed.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of August, to receive the report and financial statement, elect officers and transact general business; 15 (fifteen) members or two-thirds of the membership of the club, whichever is he lesser, shall constitute a quorum subject to the provisions of Clause 7. 14 (Fourteen) days’ notice in writing shall be given to each member.


The Chairman, upon the request in writing of 10 (Ten) members, or two-thirds, of the total membership of the Club, whichever is the lesser, stating the business to be discussed, or by the discretion of the General Committee, shall call a Special General Meeting, 14 (fourteen) days’ notice being given and 15 (Fifteen) members, or two-thirds of the Club's membership shall form a quorum, subject to the provisions of Clause 7.


The General Committee shall meet as often as may be necessary.


a) The colours of the club shall be blue, and white.

b) The Club Badge may be worn by all members Associate Members and Honorary Life and Life Members, on the left hand breast pocket of a navy blue blazer.


No member may wear the Official Duty Costume until such time as he passed the award as determined by LSA from time to time.


Any candidate for examination for an association award, or any member selected to represent the Club in competition must attend all training sessions as arranged.


a) Members shall attend at the beach on such dates as may be specified by the Committee.

b) Members absenting themselves form two consecutive patrols or three in all, without application for exemption, shall be dealt with by the Committee at its discretion.


Liquor shall not be brought on the Club premises by any member individually. The committee shall have absolute power to deal with any member, under these rules, who violates this rule.


No questions of party or municipal politics shall be discussed at any meeting of the Club, nor shall the Club premises be used for any such purpose.


a) All members excepting Nippers shall have access to all Club Premises at reasonable times. Each member of the General Committee shall hold a key to any Club Premises and, in additions, on receipt or an application form a responsible active member of the Club, the General Committee may, at is discretion, issue a key to that member.

b) It shall be a rule of the Club that the personal property of members shall not be kept in Club Premises unless space has specifically been allocated by the General Committee for such purpose.

c) Any member holding a key to the Club Premises or opening such premises shall be responsible for any and all Club property until such time as he locks up.

17) DUTY

a) Duty Patrols shall be conducted generally in accordance with the recommendations as laid down in the LSA handbook but subject to modifications by the General Committee to suit prevailing conditions.

b) A member warned for duty by the Club Captain may on receiving permission of the Squad Leader, find a substitute. This rule applies equally to a member already on duty, but if the Club Captain should not be on the beach he may be advised later.

c) Squad Leaders shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and Club Captain, and the Club Captain shall be answerable to the Executive Committee for any failures or lapses in respect of the squads. 

d) The Club Captain shall arrange the training programme of the Club and may arrange instructional classes and hold practices at such time and places as he may deem fit.

e) He shall draw up to the duty roster and advise members as to when they shall assume duty.

f) The club captain shall be responsible for the Club Log Book and make it available to the General Committee at the Committee Meetings.

g) It is the duty of the Secretary to submit the necessary returns to LEC

h) The Club Manager shall be responsible for the safe keeping and maintenance of the Clubhouse structure, furniture and fittings, trophies, etc. HE shall keep a record of all such equipment and property.

i) All Club Members of all classes as heretofore mentioned in this Constitution shall, at all times, not only set a high promulgated by the Municipality and as amended from time to time, and except in cases of emergency.

j) All members of the Club shall enjoy equal privileges unless mentioned to the contrary in any of the preceding Clauses; members are expected to take part in all Club activities.


a) No alterations to this Constitution shall be made except by a majority of votes at a General Meeting, and the Secretary shall receive 14 (fourteen) days’ notice of such proposed alteration and he, in turn, must give members 14 (fourteen) days’ notice of the meeting at which such alterations are to be considered.

b) The official sanction of LIFESAVING EASTERN CAPE must be obtained before any alterations to this constitution can be conducted.


In the event of the dissolution of Plett Surf Lifesaving Club and the winding up thereof, Plett Surf shall thereupon liquidate all it's debts and liabilities, and any assets of whatsoever nature that may then remain, shall be donated or transferred to Lifesaving Eastern Cape. Should LEC fail to exist, then to any Charitable Organization to be determined by the members of LSA or alternatively upon the order of any Magistrate or Judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa. No assets of any kind shall be distributed amongst the members of Plett Surf Lifesaving Club.

20) In order to promote interest in craft events, subsidies for the building or purchase of craft may be made available by the Club subject to the recommendation of the Club Captain and approval of the Committee, with amount of the subsidy being at the discretion of the Committee. All craft that have been subsidised shall be recorded in a proper record book provided and entered up by the Secretary. If a member disposes of a craft for which he has received a subsidy he should refund to the Club the full amount of the subsidy received. In the event of the lesser amount than the initial subsidy being received as payment for the craft, the Committee shall decide what proportion is to be repaid to the Club. All subsidised craft must first be offered for sale to Club members of the Club, before offered for sale outside of the Club. If a member leaves the Club for another Club, a refund must be made of the subsidy before clearance will be given. 10 If a member leaves the Lifesaving Movement altogether, a refund must be made to the Club of any subsidy he may have received.


a) No member may at any time use any of the Club's property without the permission of a Committee Member, or the member's Squad Leader.

b) No member may at any time use property belonging to a fellow member, unless he has obtained permission from the owner. The Committee may expel or suspend any member of the Club, should that member have contravened either Clause 45 (a) or (b).