I hereby declare that I desire myself and/or child/children listed above, to become a member/members of the Plett Surf Lifesaving Club (“the Club”). If accepted, I agree to conform in every respect to the Constitution of the Club and any rules and/or by- laws of the Club as may be passed from time to time. As a member of the Club, making use of Club facilities, equipment either at the Club premises or elsewhere as a participant of events organized by the Club, and either during Club duties or during activities as a Club member or individual, I hereby, on behalf of myself, as well as in my capacity as parent/guardian for and on behalf of my child/children listed below, my executors, administrators or assigns, forever discharge, release and indemnify the “Club” from any claim or claims by me either in my personal capacity or as a parent/guardian for or on behalf of my child/children listed below or my said executors, administrators or assign, for personal injury and/or the damage to or loss of any personal possessions or any claim of whatsoever nature, whether arising from the negligence or default of the Club or its members or agents or not, irrespective of whether I am a paying member or not. I acknowledge the rules of the Plett Surf Nipper Handbook Addition 2011 available on the Plett Surf website: www.plettsurf.org.za